Flonicamid to Slowly Gain Market Share in China

The insecticide flonicamid is getting more attention from Chinese manufacturers, showing a high effect on specific insect pest with lower resistance than competing products. CCM predicts a significant increase in registration over the near future.

Flonicamid was developed and produced by Ishihara Sangyo Kaisha (ISK) and was introduced to China in 2007 for the first time. ISK has been developing flonicamid on a global basis since in the late 1990’s and since there has been launched into the market in several countries.

According to market intelligence firm CCM, three new flonicamid technical products will be registered in China in the near future, which lifts the number of total registrations up to 6 in total for the middle kingdom.

Flonicamid is a lowly toxic insecticide, which has stomach action and contact action, being a nerve poison and an antifeedant. In 2007, ISK launched it in China with several single agents and mixtures. Besides ISK, CNAMPGC-SUMITOMO Agrochemicals is the only one that has registered flonicamid formulations in China.

Flonicamid went off patent in China on July 22, 2013, and its official registration was not protected starting March 2017. According to the 2017 List of Pesticides to be Approved for Registration, Qingdao Haolite will obtain the registration of 97% flonicamid technical, the first domestic enterprise that obtains the technical registration. Moreover, the number of flonicamid registrations will soar in a period of time. Notably, Qingdao Haolite will also obtain the official registration of 97% spirotetramat TC to be the first domestic enterprise that has the registration.

There are many other enterprises actively developing flonicamid. For instance, Xinyi Yongcheng is working on registration of flonicamid TC, and planned to newly establish 300 t/a flonicamid; Jiangsu Huifeng also disclosed its plan of 1,000 t/a flonicamid and is busy with its registration. It is predicted that flonicamid registration will appear one after another in China for the near future.

The major competitor products of flonicamid in China are imidacloprid, acetamiprid, and nitenpyram. However, the competing products all show a significant resistance to insect pests, while flonicamid has not reported any major resistance yet. Hence, the insecticide is likely to get more market share in the future as China’s manufacturers are embracing the opportunity.


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