Biologicals, Formulation Technology Are Growing Priorities for Agriculture

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GSS-logo2[8]The FCI Global Sourcing Summit will examine two trends changing the demand for crop protection products. The influx of biological controls and better formulation technologies are providing farmers with new ways to control pests, tread lightly on the environment, manage resistance and minimize spray drift.

FCI’s Formulation Science Symposium, 9 December in Delhi, India, will examine agronomic trends and the technologies that are meeting the needs of farmers around the world. Formulation technology has evolved to include more than stickers, stabilizers and spreaders. The next generation of adjuvants do more than make products more effective; they provide a platform that helps farmers meet food production demands in the most sustainable ways possible.

In India, crop protection companies work with government scientists to develop innovative products and create novel chemistries that are more competitive in the marketplace. Program highlights include:

Government Investment, Public/Private Partnerships and Advances in Formulation Technology, by Dr. S.K. Raza, Director, India’s Institute of Pesticide Formulation Technology

Innovations and Progress in Biological Formulations, by Dr. P.K. Patanjali, Chief of Biological Formulations, Institute of Pesticide Formulation Technology

– The Development of Biological Seed Treatments, by Dr. Ketan Mehta, Director, Ecosense Labs & Treasurer of PMFAI

Trends in Biological Product Demand and Production, by Dr. MH Mehta, Chairman, GLS Biotech

Additionally, programming on 8 December includes a global overview of crop protection use and factors driving demand, as well as a supply, capacity and output update in China and India.

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