FCI Launches FCIsourcing.com

FCI Sourcing NetworkNo one links buyers and sellers like FCI. Over the years, our magazine has been the preferred advertising vehicle for crop protection companies, and with good reason. We reach thousands of distributors in more than 100 countries. With our leadership position in content, we began our meeting concept with the FCI Trade Summit.

In less than a decade, FCI’s Summits have evolved into must-attend events with the most beneficial content and contacts around the world. The FCI Trade Summit – Americas this month welcomed more than 600 attendees from 40+ countries. Now we are setting the bar again.


FCI is proud to bring you the FCI Sourcing Network, an online resource for finding crop protection products and companies. It features information on companies and their products, including formulations, intermediates, adjuvants and more. Our goal is to make the supply chain more transparent and predictable, and it is the latest attempt to provide a one-stop resource for news, information and contacts that keep your supply chain fluid and your business growing.FCI Sourcing Network

We’re already getting great feedback, as a select group of users have begun to use the platform even before its launch.

These new offerings in print and online complement the suite of products and services that we provide for the industry, including our live events. With every magazine, website, Trade Summit and eNewsletter, our mission is to help crop protection businesses thrive and grow.

Reliable sourcing has never been more crucial, and transparency is the hallmark of desirable deals.

In the same way our events have become elite sourcing venues, the FCI Sourcing Network is a real-time community of buyers and sellers of crop inputs and a database to date of more than 600 suppliers and 10,000 active substances, formulations, biological controls and other products.

FCI Sourcing Network members can research companies, source products, request a quote or list a product for sale. This industry-specific tool allows users to post products to buy and sell and monitor buy/sell listings from companies around the world to get the latest business intelligence for buyers and sellers at all points in the value chain.

The editors and publishers of FCI believe there is value in a specialized source. At a time when information is more deregulated than ever, we continue to provide tools that save time and eliminate guesswork by creating a predictable, comprehensive and accessible source specific to the industry. The FCI Sourcing Network also lays the foundation to our popular Global Sourcing Directory in print each year.

Visit FCIsourcing.com to use this new network. Purchasing managers will be able to update their company listing with their most current information, list their formulated and technical-grade products and communicate with thousands buyers and sellers of crop inputs from around the world. We are continuing to make changes to this directory and the network in an effort to better serve the crop protection sourcing community, so please tell us what you think. I will look forward to seeing you at events, on the network and around the world in the rest of 2015.