U.S. Imports of Formulated Crop Protection Products

U.S. Imports of Formulated Crop Protection Products

Formulations by Customs Value; source: Fanwood Chemical

As a barometer of global crop protection product prices and demand, U.S.-based Fanwood Chemical analyzes U.S. formulated product import data for AgriBusiness Global. For more information, contact Jim DeLisi at [email protected].


DeLisi provided the following notes for March 2018:

  • For new entries, UPL imported 190 MT of “Total Herbicide,” which is said to be 75% Sulfosulfuron 5% Metsulfuron Methyl.

Trade update:

  • Trade war with China: So far, it appears as if the only agrichemical impacted in the U.S. is Mecoprop. This should not present any problems, since it appears as if all the Mecoprop consumed in the U.S. is from the UK. While it is believed that there will be a negotiated conclusion to the tussle before the 25% tariffs are imposed, by either side, these actions could cause long-term damage to the agrichemical sector, which could then have a significant impact on the industry.