Aqua-Yield Expands Distribution Both Nationally and Internationally

In a move to increase product availability and provide consistent access to both product and the company, Aqua-Yield has added 16 farmer/dealer distributors strategically placed across the U.S. and in new locations around the world. The new distributors become part of the already-establish Aqua-Yield Farmer Dealer Network The move was made as the company adds additional product offerings, moves away from larger, tote and tanker loads of product, to the amazing 2.5 gallon product containers, which easily fertilize 80 acres of land.

CEO and Co-Founder Clark Bell is excited about the expansion. “We are thrilled to make this move and excited we’re able to do it this year and by mid-year. The addition of these highly-qualified distributors, both in the U.S. and outside, allows us to quickly and more efficiently deliver our ever-expanding product line, while providing a more personal touch and contact to our company, our products and our network.”


Here is the list of the new Aqua-Yield distributors in the Aqua-Yield Farmer Dealer Network:


Evergreen Turf Limited


Zander Sod


Natural Ag Solutions Southwest
Peoria, AZ

Delta Ag Chemical
Salem, AR

Red River Specialties
Shreveport, LA

Blue Valley
Winnebago, MN

New Mexico
Thomas Chemical & Fertilizer
McIntosh, NM

New York
Pine Island Turf Nursery
Pine Island, NY

North Carolina
Turf Mountain Sod
Hendersonville, NC

North Dakota
Erickson Custom Operations
Colgate, ND

Pegasus Soil Solutions
Alamo, TX

C&R Foundation
El Paso, TX

Frontier Plant Sciences
Lubbock, TX

National Aquatic Solutions
El Paso, TX

Winstead Farms
Arlington, TN

Midwest Ag Advantage
Franksville, WI