Fruit Flies Are One In The Same

The Oriental Fruit Fly. Photo Courtesy: Ana Rodriguez

The Oriental Fruit Fly. Photo By: Ana Rodriguez

Researchers have confirmed that what was once thought to be four different species of fruit fly are actually a single pest, according to a release from the Plant Biosecurity Cooperative Research Centre.


In 2009, a coordinated research effort got underway to definitively answer this question by resolving the differences, if any, between five of the most destructive fruit flies: the Oriental fruit fly, the Philippine fruit fly, the Invasive fruit fly, the Carambola fruit fly, and the Asian Papaya fruit fly. These species cause incalculable damage to horticultural industries and food security across Asia, Africa, the Pacific and parts of South America.

Once considered separate species, the Philippine fruit fly, Asian Papaya fruit fly, Oriental fruit fly and Invasive fruit flies and now classified under a single name: Bactrocera dorsalis, the Oriental fruit fly. The closely-related Carambola fruit fly remains distinct.

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