Marrone Bio Innovations Launches TerraConnect New Biological Seed and Soil Platform

Marrone Bio Innovations, Inc. has launched TerraConnect, a new global biological soil applied and seed treatment platform delivering growers high performance products as well as a broad range of valuable tools to improve and protect crops. TerraConnect is designed to address the need for more sustainable food production systems, increasing regulatory restrictions and the wellbeing of workers, consumers, and beneficial insects.

With estimates that the world’s population will increase from 7 to 10 billion by 2050, farmers need effective and environmentally sustainable solutions that are proven to work. Even with today’s technologies, over 40% of crop production is lost to fungal diseases, nematode and insect infestations. Our proprietary biologicals, microbes, and plant extracts offer broad spectrum control, which can be applied alone or combined with other soil or seed protection products as part of integrated management program; answering the call for high performing sustainable life science solutions.


At AgriThority’s 2018 “Exceed the Seed” symposium, Kevin Hammill, Chief Commercial Officer recently noted, “TerraConnect is a new global platform containing a suite of our soil applied and seed treatment products that help deliver solutions for customers who want strong and consistent performance to tackle the toughest pests and environmental stresses. TerraConnect is a tailored solution that benefits customers and consumers by uniting the power of biology with the performance of chemistry to protect and grow plants and our team is dedicated to working with key strategic partners to spread the benefits of this portfolio throughout the world.”