SipcamRotam to Launch the First Registered, Post Patent Premixes of Mesotrione

Following the successful launch of Bellum herbicide containing Mesotrione, SipcamRotam is now launching two new mesotrione based premixes into the corn market. Rotam recently received registration of Evinco and Vilify herbicides from the U.S. EPA. The company’s newest products are the first registered, post patent premixes of Mesotrione to come to market. These products will give corn growers an excellent option for managing weed resistance and controlling damaging broadleaf weeds in 2017 and beyond.

Bellum herbicide was first introduced in 2015. With a continued investment into the product family of Mesotrione, Evinco and Vilify were developed. Evinco contains two active ingredients – Mesotrione and Metolachlor while Vilify contains three active ingredients – Mesotrione, Metolachlor, and Atrazine. These products will give growers multiple modes of action and exceptional weed control performance and yield in corn.


“Evinco and Vilify will be a great addition to the market. These herbicides are an effective and economical option for growers. We are very excited to launch these products.” says Amy Frasier, vice president of marketing.

The new herbicides deliver excellent control of resistant and other difficult-to-control broadleaf weeds. In addition, these premixes provide longer-lasting residual control and greater application flexibility than competitive corn herbicides. Evinco and Vilify are ideal for corn growers across the United States.

“SipcamRotam strives to stay ahead of the challenges growers face while providing them with exceptional products at great value,” says Adam Burnhams, general manager.