Valagro Acquires Grabi Chemical

Valagro, global leader in the production and commercialization of biostimulants and specialty nutrients, has completed the acquisition of Grabi Chemical through its Industrial Business Unit.

Grabi Chemical is a leading manufacturer of chelated microelements (EDDHA, EDDHSA, DTPA, EDTA, LS), complexes and other nutritional specialties, which operates in the business to business field; its range of nutritional solutions is aimed at companies and multinationals in the agricultural and agro-chemical international market, through its sales network in over 40 countries.


Giuseppe Natale, Valagro

As part of the acquisition, management of activities by Grabi Chemical will continue to be marked by independence and continuity with the past, allowing the company to maintain its commercial relationships in the industrial sales field.

Giuseppe Natale, CEO of Valagro: “The acquisition of Grabi Chemical represents the sharing of not only market objectives but above all essential values, such as the passion for innovation and putting the Customer first, values that have fuelled mutual trust and success in the market over time. This is why the acquisition of Grabi Chemical really takes on crucial value: it is a partner with which we now share a common growth path outlined by Valagro’s long-term strategy.”

Mirko Grasselli, CEO of Grabi Chemical: “The acquisition of Grabi Chemical by Valagro is an opportunity for both companies to further develop a great business, with a strong strategic vision and equipped with a global footprint and objectives. Moreover, we are launching this operation with the assurance of full continuity in the relationship with our customers, exploiting the opportunity to improve our customer satisfaction performance.”