Bayer, Northstar Agri Industries Launch Glufosinate-Tolerant Canola Hybrid

Canola Field Photo Credit:  FHgitarre, Creative Commons

Northstar Agri Industries and Bayer CropScience, said they launched the InVigor L252 hybrid for the 2014 growing season. L252 is the first InVigor hybrid with premium-level oil content. According to the company, the mid- to full-maturing hybrid offers early-season vigor, outstanding yield and the highest rating for blackleg resistance. L252 features the LibertyLink trait, which is an alternative to glyphosate-tolerant systems and a tool to fight herbicide resistance.


“The Northstar contract pays growers an extra 5% on the first 1,250 pounds per acre of grain. We have very demanding criteria for admission to the program: hybrids need to be top performers in both yield and oil percentage,” said Neil Juhnke, president and COO, Northstar. “The seed must yield at least 2 to 3 percent more oil when crushed over others to even be considered for entry.”

“We are so pleased to add a LibertyLink hybrid to our contract. This now gives our growers access to the full range of herbicide systems available in canola today,” said Jay Bjerke, agronomic services manager, Northstar. “Liberty is a great system to rotate with other herbicide systems to enhance volunteer control and prevent the establishment of herbicide-resistant weeds. It’s a win-win for everyone.”