Rotam CropSciences Ltd.

26/F, E-Trade Plaza
24 Lee Chung St.
Chaiwan, Hong Kong
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Rotam CropSciences Ltd. is a one of the fastest-evolving agrochemical company operating in Crop Protection, Turf & Ornamental, Public Health & Animal Health sectors. We have a worldwide presence and direct operations in over 75 countries, details can refer to Global Presence:

We provide quicker and effective agronomic driven solution to satisfy grower needs through fully integrated research and development operations, global product registration, manufacturing, marketing and technical support. We aim to provide quality engineered formulations, agronomy-driven combinations and industry leading packaging for partners of all sizes.

Rotam incorporates modern technology and improves solutions focused on meeting grower needs through a network of Quality Systems and dedicated QC laboratories. The Rotam quality management organization is a network of Quality Systems, QA Management and dedicated QC laboratories with strong technical support. The plants are operated at the highest Health, Safety, Environment & Quality standards.

Rotam offers a wide range of crop protection solutions across the segments of Insecticides, Fungicides and Herbicides. Some of the key products of Rotam are the result of an extensive research, innovation and enhancement around the old molecules like Methomyl, Abamectin, Imidacloprid, Thiadicarb, Tebuconazole, Chlorothalonil, Carbendazim, Nicosulfuron, Metsulfuron, Thifensulfuron, Tribenuron, Clethodim etc. The product offers are based on our registrations with full data and technical support. We are committed to providing the optimum crop solutions to our customers. We remain committed to continuously expanding our product offerings to meet with grower’s needs.