AMVAC Launches Index Liquid At-Plant Insecticide

AMVAC Chemical Corp. recently received federal registration for Index Liquid At-Plant Insecticide for use in field corn, popcorn, seed corn and sweetcorn. There is no soil or post-applied herbicide restrictions when using the product.

Index is a liquid at-plant insecticide with two modes of action, delivering broad spectrum, in-furrow control of rootworms and other seed-attacking pests, including seed corn maggots, wireworms, cutworms and grubs.


“Index gives growers a liquid insecticide option for more flexibility, convenience and greater yield potential while protecting seeds and roots,” Jim Lappin, AMVAC crop marketing manager, corn and soybeans. “It performs as well as granular insecticide standards and out-performs bifenthrin-only based products on corn rootworms. It’s an excellent product for narrow row corn application.”

Index insecticide is applied through a 15-gallon Dosatron Injection System for fast and easy application. Based on 30-inch rows, a keg of Index liquid at-plant insecticide provides 153 acres of protection.

AMVAC is offering a grower rebate of $3/per acre with the purchase of Index liquid at-plant insecticide and either Impact or ImpactZ herbicide in the same growing season. For more information on the Buy 2 Save $3 rebate program, visit