AMVAC Set on Global Growth

day 2 trade summit

Bob Trogele, AMVAC chief operating officer

While much attention is paid to the activities of large, multinational players in global agriculture, sometimes we find the best stories of achievement and success among the smaller players in crop protection. The story of California-based AMVAC Chemical is a classic case.


Bob Trogele, AMVAC’s chief operating officer as of January, sat down with FCI editors at the FCI Trade Summit – Americas on Wednesday to talk about the company’s unique business model, direction and plans for growing beyond U.S. borders. The two-time Olympian and former professional basketball player shared his fascinating personal story and gave insight into the company’s ambitious growth path.

Starting decades ago as a chemical products contract manufacturer, AMVAC has evolved into a fully integrated, global specialty chemical and precision ag application software company on the cusp of international expansion.

Trogele defines the scope of the company’s objectives in two main categories: technical innovation in product development and highly diversified market access. Throughout his prominent career in global ag, he has embraced these twin objectives to achieve great success. The key, he says, is to bring measurable value to AMVAC’s customers, better profitability for our distribution channel partners, and better yields, economy and ease-of-use for growers.

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