BASF and Evogene Collaborate to Discover and Develop Herbicides

BASF - The Chemical CompanyCrop protection manufacturers BASF and Evogene Ltd. have signed a three-year collaboration designed the discovery and development of novel herbicides.

The collaboration utilizes each company’s strengths including Evogene’s biology-driven computational discovery approach to identify potential candidate chemicals for novel herbicides and BASF’s advanced plant platform to screen the candidate chemicals in order to experimentally validate their biological effects on weeds. Any successful candidates will be further developed by BASF.


“Weed resistance is a pressing issue for many growers across the world,” said Jordi Tormo, Vice President Global Research Herbicides & Services, BASF Crop Protection. “Thus, establishing such a partnership to help us identify and develop herbicides with novel modes of action is more needed than ever before. It is a great opportunity to combine Evogene’s expertise in plant physiology and computational biology with BASF’s strength in lead structure optimization and product development.”

Ofer Haviv, President and CEO of Evogene stated: “We see a significant opportunity for our company to provide novel biology driven approaches for meeting key unmet commercial needs in the ag-chemical field. Therefore, we are extremely pleased and proud to have teamed with BASF in our initial efforts to identify promising candidates to serve as the basis for next generation herbicides. We are confident that the combined knowledge and experience of the companies will lead to development of breakthrough solutions for this critical need.

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