Committed to Global Agribusiness

FrabottaTravel seems to get more demanding every year. The increasing number of events, sourcing opportunities and ever-present pressure to expand operations around the world means that more of us are reaching the next rung on our loyalty programs.
In Q1, the FCI staff has traveled to see companies and associations on three continents to cover trends on AI supply, agrochemical demand, R&D pipelines, distribution deals and more as we continue to cover an evolving crop protection industry.
Managing Editor Jackie Pucci just returned from the Council of Producers & Distributors of Agrotechnology’s Adjuvants & Inerts Conference, an annual meeting about U.S. regulations on inactive substances and best practices for formulation technology. Formulation science has never been more important to agrochemical manufacturers, who need differentiated products with higher returns to help them compete in established and emerging markets alike. We will be providing the latest information on drift reduction technology, water issues and tank-mix products that affect how applicators use crop protection products.
Crop Protection Editor Dan Jacobs has been on a swing through the United States to visit CropLife America and major operations for Dow, Syngenta, Bayer, BASF, Nufarm and others to keep our finger on the pulse of new products in development and how the industry’s leading companies navigate market dynamics and macroeconomic issues facing today’s businesses. Read about Dow’s plans to grow in India and China (May, p. 20), Syngenta’s staggered rollout of new fungicide products based on its Solatenol technology (p. 18) and more as we uncover the technologies that shape the future of crop care products.
Few of these conversations take place without the mention of IPM and biological products. This month, Jacobs is traveling to the U.S. West Coast to visit with leading and emerging biological research companies to help highlight new technologies that are coming to market. Biological products are permeating agronomy and GAP through IPM; they are influencing business deals through mergers and acquisitions and distribution and licensing deals as companies compete to stamp their brands on novel technologies. We’re bringing the next phase of crop care technologies to the spotlight.
Next month we’ll profile Rotam, a progressive post-patent company with a diversified portfolio of crop protection products, micronutrients, seed treatments and expanding distribution systems. Part of what makes Rotam special is its investment in formulation technology and underlying pursuit of creating products that offer specific agronomic solutions for farmers. Rotam is symbolic of the change facing the industry, as manufacturers strive to offer a more robust portfolio of crop protection and plant health products to their distributor partners in an effort to create integrated and holistic protocols from planting to harvest.
These are just a few of the trips we have planned as we continue to get in touch with our audience, which is more diverse than ever. We work hard to visit distributors through our work on the FCI Trade Summits and country reports for the magazine, and we’re committed to bringing you insights from leading companies, traders and consultants.
FCI continues to believe that the proliferation and adoption of crop production technologies is critical for global food security, national GDP growth and local economic vitality. We are more focused than ever to bring our audience information through our publications, access to markets through our events, and exposure of leading companies through our travel and conversations in the industry. We are out there constantly, just like you. We’ll see you in the security line and at your favorite airport lounge.