Dow AgroSciences’ Enlist Cotton Trait Deregulated by USDA

Dow AgroSciDow AgroSciences’ Enlist Cotton Trait Deregulated by USDAences’ Enlist cotton trait has been deregulated by the U.S. Department of Agriculture. Enlist traits for corn and soybeans were completed earlier.

According to the company, Enlist cotton provides tolerance to Enlist Duo herbicide — a proprietary blend of new 2,4-D choline and glyphosate — as well as full tolerance to glufosinate.


Dow is awaiting registration for Enlist Duo herbicide, which when received will allow growers to apply the product on on Enlist cotton from burndown up to mid-bloom.

“The deregulation of Enlist cotton marks a tremendous milestone for the cotton industry,” says John Chase, Enlist commercial leader, Dow AgroSciences. “In the South, growers are all too familiar with the challenges created by resistant weeds. Enlist cotton will open the door to other options for in-season weed control with multiple modes of action.”

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