Syngenta Miticide/Insecticide Registered for Use on Soybeans

Syngenta’s Agri-Mek SC, a miticide/insecticide for use by  fruit, nut and vegetable growers, has been approved for use in soybeans. “With Agri-Mek SC,


The Future King of Tolling

I’m having tea with an animated David Zhou, who says he has a plan to make Iprochem a top-three manufacturing


Following Brexit: The Future of Crop Protection and GMOs in the EU

The headlines and commentaries can be a little scary: “Brexit Could Trigger the Breakup of the United Kingdom” “More Countries


China’s Top 10 Pesticide Companies in 2016

By CCM     The total combined revenue of China’s top 10 pesticide companies reached $4.634 billion in 2016, down

Africa/Middle East

Why the West Forgot the Farm, and How We’re Rediscovering Them

About 1% of the U.S. population are full-time farmers on 2.2 million farms. In the EU about 2.5% of the


Grain Production Increases Drive Brazilian Crop Protection Market

By Erica Franconere Kleffmann Group Brazil is recognized worldwide as the greatest consumer of crop protection products (CPP) and represents


Sumitomo Chemical to Acquire Part of India’s Excel Crop Care

In an effort to expand its reach into India, Sumitomo Chemical will purchase 44.98% of the shares of Excel Crop Care Ltd.


Private Equity Investment to Help Willowood USA Reach New Markets

Generic crop protection product manufacturer, Willowood USA, received an infusion of cash in the form of an investment from Lariat Partners,


Building Paths of Opportunity for the Agrotechnology Industry

Throughout its nearly 30-year history, the Council of Producers & Distributors of Agrotechnology (CPDA) has built a strong reputation as


AMVAC Ups the Ante with New Precision Ag Technology

A potentially industry-changing at-plant soil treatment system from American Vanguard Corp., or AMVAC, is coming soon to large growers in


China’s $6-Billion Market Continues its Volume Growth

The Chinese Market was flat in harvest year 2015 compared to the previous year, according to recent farmer-level data collected


China ICAMA Consults on 111 Pesticide Products

China ICAMA issued the 4th batch of pesticide product to be approved in 2016 for public consultation until 28 April


AgriBusiness Global State of the Industry Survey

At AgriBusiness Global, we are always seeking ways to help you succeed in this industry. One of the ways we


The Pain of Public Discourse

WE HATE NEW IDEAS. Since the advent of 24-hour news networks, consumers can now watch any ideologically bent programming they


Sumitomo Expands Plantation Solutions Business

Sumitomo Chemical will expand and enhance its plantation solutions business in full swing by integrating businesses of its group companies


Sumitomo to Expand R&D Capabilities for North American Health and Crop Sciences Business

Sumitomo Chemical announced plans to beef up its research and development capabilities in North America for its health and crop sciences

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India: Enabling Modern Agriculture Through IoT

Since the first green revolution in the 1960s that radically transformed the face of Indian agriculture, the sector has consistently


Reuters: Trump Greenlights Next Round of Farm Payments in China Trade War

The Trump administration will move forward with plans to distribute a second round of payments to farmers caught in the

Markets Top 10 Stories from 2018

What a year it’s been for the global agribusiness industry. While the mergers and acquisitions once again dominated headlines in

Trade Summit

Three Things We Learned at Trade Summit Southeast Asia

Since 2006 AgriBusiness Global™ (ABG) has hosted Trade Summits in all corners of the world in an effort to empower


AgFunder Releases India AgriFood Startup Investing Report

AgFunder has released the inaugural India AgriFood Startup Investing Report in collaboration with its report partner Omnivore. In this five-year