Stockton Group Gets Timorex Approval in Korea, Mexico

Israeli biologicals firm The Stockton Group said that it received approval for its Timorex Gold biofungicide for certain uses in Korea and Mexico.

Timorex Gold, now registered in over 26 countries, is a plant extract based on the Melaleuca alternifolia with a unique multi-mode of action that controls fungal and bacterial diseases. The product was approved for use on coffee in Mexico and for greenhouse and outdoor use on a variety of fruits and vegetables in Korea.


In conjunction with the Korean approval, Stockton entered into a distribution agreement with Atlatech Ltd. to distribute Timorex Gold in the relevant crops in Korea. The product was approved for application in cucumber, strawberry, pumpkin, red pepper and rice and will give growers enhanced protection from a broad spectrum of foliar diseases in greenhouse, organic or conventional farming, Stockton Group said.

“Atlatech aims to provide its customers with eco-friendly solutions for crop management,” said CM Kim, founder and chairman of Atlatech Ltd. “With Timorex Gold in our product portfolio, this marks another key milestone in our efforts to bring comprehensive innovation solutions to the agricultural sector.”

“Collaborating with Atlatech Ltd. effectively opens another interesting opportunity for Timorex Gold to reach new horizons in this very important target market”, said Ziv Tirosh, CEO of Stockton Group. “We believe that Atlatech’s expertise and experience in crop protection bio-solutions, will set another important milestone for Timorex Gold in this fast growing sector with public concern on food safety and human health. This agreement is very meaningful due to the continued growth of the high-value crops in Korea which is expected to continue in the next years”.

In Mexico, Timorex Gold brings coffee growers an effective solution to various diseases, such as the Coffee Rust (Hemileia vastatrix) or Ojo de Gallo (Mycena citricolor), among others. According to Stockton, Timorex Gold stimulates the growth of new shoots and leaves, induces the formation of new tissue, strengthens photosynthetic capacity, and reduces stress and chemical load. The product can be used a few days before harvest. It may be used in tank mixes, in program rotation and as a stand-alone product.

“For the last 3 years coffee growers in Central America using Timorex Gold have been reporting effective results using our product,” explained Ziv Tirosh, CEO of Stockton Group. “Timorex Gold will provide the Mexican coffee growers with a valuable tool for managing and controlling coffee disease during pre- or post-flowering period, without affecting the setting of the grain.”