Wilbur-Ellis Launches Diligence-EA

Wilbur-Ellis Co. announced the release of DILIGENCE-EA, a new deposition and drift reduction product powered by ACCUSTRIKE technology.

An addition to agricultural tank mixes, DILIGENCE-EA is designed to mitigate drift issues with a variety of agricultural chemicals, while maximizing the amount of spray deposits that reach the intended target. DILIGENCE-EA achieves this by disrupting the spray curtain as the solution passes through the nozzle orifice, thus allowing droplets to cleanly break away upon exiting the tip. This reduces the normal stretching, breaking and shattering of the spray curtain, minimizing a main contributor to drift issues. The result is an increase in the uniformity of droplet size and a reduction in spray fines and, thus, drift potential.

“DILIGENCE-EA with ACCUSTRIKE technology is the latest development in drift and deposition products,” said Wilbur-Ellis Company’s Branded Adjuvant Portfolio Manager Terry Abbott. “With this new technology, we have successfully minimized drift-related fines while spraying and, at the same time, maximized the spray deposits of the material onto the leaf tissue. This is important because it reduces the liabilities that come with applying crop protection products, while improving the efficacy of those products.”

The benefits abound with DILIGENCE-EA, which as a non-oil, water-based formulated adjuvant, further ensures crop safety, particularly in sensitive crops, such as vegetables. As a vinyl suspension of soft, solid particles, DILIGENCE-EA is very compatible with other products, significantly reducing the chance of separation in the tank, a common problem when tank mixing various formulations of agricultural chemical products. Additionally, with a more consistent spray performance and a narrower range of uniform droplets, DILIGENCE-EA allows spray deposits to more-readily adhere to a leaf surface, further ensuring drift reduction. Not to mention, considering its lower use rates, applicators will appreciate easy handling with more acres per jug and less packaging.

“At Wilbur-Ellis Company, we understand the importance of managing the spray fines that result during the normal course of a spray application,” said Abbott. “DILIGENCE-EA with ACCUSTRIKE technology is the latest innovation in drift control products, specifically designed to help mitigate the liability that comes from off-target spray drift. Adding DILIGENCE-EA with ACCUSTRIKE technology to your spray mix helps alleviate most drift concerns that may occur during a spray application.”

For more information about DILIGENCE-EA with ACCUSTRIKE technology and Wilbur-Ellis’ other ECO ADVANTAGE product lines, please visit ea.wilburellis.com.

Source: Wilbur-Ellis


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