Monsanto Previews Current, Future Pipeline Offerings

Even after the company launched dicamba-tolerant crops to the agricultural marketplace in 2017, Monsanto is gearing up for a busier 2018 and the years ahead, reports Eric Sfiligoj on During a recent conference call with the media, Dr. Robb Fraley, Chief Technology Officer, said that 2018 will mark the fifth consecutive year that Monsanto has seen more than 20 advancements to products in its research and development pipeline.

“As always, we are introducing these latest innovations to support farmers as they work to meet food security needs,” said Fraley.


First up, for corn, Monsanto is launching during the spring of 2018 Trecepta corn. A third-generation above­ground insect control product, Trecepta can provide protection against such pests as corn earworm, fall armyworm, corn borers, and black and Western cutworms. “In addition to Trecepta, we are advancing to Phase 4 our third-generation belowground insect control called SmartStax Pro,” said Fraley. “This uses three modes of action, including a novel RNAI to manage resistance, for corn rootworm control.”

Also moving into Phase 4, Monsanto is working on a third-generation weed control system for corn which will provide tolerance to multiple herbicides. This includes glyphosate, dicamba, and glufosinate “to increase the choices farmers have to protect their crops against weed damage,” said Fraley. He added that Monsanto is also starting work on other new weed control systems that have tolerance up to many different herbicides, including a new PPO product in development by company partner Sumitomo.