ADAMA Acquires Peruvian Crop Protection Company AgroKlinge

ADAMA Ltd. has announced that it will be acquiring Peruvian crop protection company AgroKlinge, according to a company release at PR Newswire.

Established almost eight decades ago, AgroKlinge has become one of Peru’s leading domestic crop protection and plant nutrition companies, with a robust product offering that includes a wide portfolio of crop protection, biopesticide and nutrition products. Over the decades, AgroKlinge has built a strong brand and reputation in the $240 million Peruvian crop protection market, bringing it a large customer base throughout the country, with a special emphasis on large, industrial farmers.


While the Peruvian crop protection market is one of the most advanced in the region, only a few multi-national companies have direct presence in the country. This acquisition will allow ADAMA to further improve and expand its business in Peru, broadening its portfolio and enhancing its access to large scale industrial farmers. Through this acquisition, ADAMA will become one of the leading crop protection companies in Peru, with a comprehensive portfolio of solutions for Peruvian farmers, and a leading commercial platform throughout the country.

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