Adjuvants: Croda Launches New Polysorbates

Croda’s Crop Care Division said it launched a new series of polysorbates for the agricultural market.

The products have the same ecological and toxicological  benefits as the company’s Tween 20, but with differentiated performance and physical properties, Croda said. “These products will now allow formulators to have expanded adjuvant options without facing additional regulatory hurdles.”


Croda said its three new polysorbates, Tween 22, Tween 23 and Tween 24, have the same regulatory status as Tween 20, while offering additional features such as enhanced surface activity for better wetting, lower EST and lower contact angle than Tween 20.

The Edison, New Jersey-based company said it has confirmed both improved performance with some hydrophilic herbicides and increased uptake with a neonicotinoid insecticide based on recently generated biological data.

“Polysorbates have consistently provided advantages in agricultural applications for more than 40 years, with Tween 20 establishing itself as an effective agricultural spray adjuvant for built-in and tank-added applications,” Croda said, adding: “It was selected by formulators both for its preferred toxicological properties as well as its performance as a nonionic surfactant adjuvant. Tween 20 effectively delivers multiple adjuvant functionalities such as retention, enhanced uptake, humectancy, wetting and spreading properties making it a top choice in herbicides, fungicides and insecticides.”