BASF Launches New Fungicide Seed Treatment to Australian Canola Growers

BASF’s new fungicide seed treatment, ILeVO is now registered and available in Australia. ILeVO is a highly effective seed treatment for the management of blackleg, the company reports.

Blackleg, caused by the fungus Leptosphaeria maculans is the most serious disease of canola in Australia. “We’re excited to deliver the alternative fungicide seed treatment growers have been searching for, as limited options have been available to manage the most important disease in canola,” explained Arturo de Lucas, Seed Technologies Portfolio Manager at BASF Australia and New Zealand.


ILeVO features a systemic ingredient, Fluopyram, that translocates to the roots, cotyledons and first true leaves of canola plants. These are the areas where blackleg infection first attacks, and ILeVO’s concentration in these parts of the plant means stopping early infestation before it reaches the vascular system, causing cankering and plant death.

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