Bayer CropScience Introduces New Tools for Fruit and Vegetables

Bayer CropScience has introduced a variety of new tools for fruit and vegetable growers to protect against insects and diseases.

One of the new products is Movento. It protects many fruit and vegetable crops against sucking insects like aphids, scales, mealy bugs, woolly aphids, whiteflies and certain thrips species. The unique feature of Movento is its two-way transport pattern: after the uptake via the leaves the active ingredient of the product is evenly distributed in new shoots, leaves and roots. In this way, even those insects hiding on the inner leaves of lettuce and cabbage or in the bark of fruit trees are controlled successfully by Movento. Movento has already been approved in more than 50 countries and will be launched in Spain in 2013.


With Nativo Bayer CropScience offers a highly effective all-in-one solution for those growers who prefer the convenience of a broad-spectrum fungicide. Crops treated with Nativo are healthier, more productive and higher-yielding; they also exhibit improved stress tolerance to drought, heat and cold. In Brazil, the number one exporter of orange juice, Nativo is appreciated by the citrus industry for the higher juice yields and increased sugar levels it produces.

Decis Trap is an innovative tool for the control and monitoring of fruit flies which is suitable for integrated pest management programs (IPM) and biological fruit production and meets the requirements of the new European Sustainable Use Directive. The ready-to-use trap which is impregnated with deltamethrin, contains a long-lasting food bait and minimizes environmental impact as fewer chemical treatments are required. In Spain, Decis Trap is already available for citrus and other fruit crops. An introduction to countries affected by the Mediterranean fruit fly is planned.

Source: Bayer CropScience, Edited by Stefanie A. Valentic