Belchim Acquires Distribution Rights For Crop Protection Products

Milbeknock2Mitsui Chemicals Agro Inc. (MCAG) and Belchim Crop Protection announced that the European distribution rights for the insecticide/acaricide Milbeknock are granted to Belchim Crop Protection.

The distribution of Milbeknock further strengthens Belchim’s crop protection portfolio and is another step in expanding its comprehensive range of crop solutions. The transfer of the business is planned to take a phased approach, country by country, and will be finalized by the end of 2015.


In addition, Belchim Crop Protection acquired the distribution rights for ISK’s new product Kunshi (fluazinam + cymoxanil) in Europe (EU 28 plus Switzerland and Norway) and for fluazinam solo products for use in in co-packs in Germany.

Finally, Belchim announced that it has agreed to acquire ISEM’s fungicide technologies valifenalate and IR 8854 for an undisclosed amount. This acquisition will expand the range of products that Belchim Crop Protection offers to potatoes, vines and vegetables growers and will extend also its expertise in these segments. Under the terms of the agreement, Belchim Crop Protection will acquire global rights to both products and will start operating the business after a short transition period.

Valifenalate, marketed under the brand names VALIS, EMENDO and ESTOCADE is a fungicide belonging to the new chemical class of dipeptides. Valifenalate is effective against Oomycetes, particularly Peronosporales and Phytophthora species, and it is used on many crops, including: grape, potato, tomato, vegetables, tobacco and ornamentals.

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