Creating, Bridging, and Sharing the Values of Adjuvant Technology

Solito Sumulong, President, ISAA Committee

Solito Sumulong, President, ISAA Committee

By Solito Sumulong
President, ISAA Committee


The 11th International Symposium on Adjuvants for Agrochemicals (ISAA 2016) will convene 13-17 June in Monterey, California, USA. Its theme is “Creating, Bridging, and Sharing the Values of Adjuvant Technology”, inspired by both the scenery of the “Salad Bowl of the World” and the nearby “Silicon Valley” innovation hub. Previous symposia have convened around the world, including Brazil in 2013, and Germany in 2010. Over 400 professionals will come to the Western U.S. for the first time for the preeminent conference on adjuvant and formulation technology for agrochemicals. Columbus, OH (2007), Memphis, TN (1998), and Blacksburg, VA (1989), were all previous sites in the U.S.

Chair Solito Sumulong (Regulatory Manager at Loveland Products Inc.) and Scientific Officer Andy Malec (Director of R&D at Advanced BioCatalytics) have organized a forward-looking program that incorporates the entrepreneurial and high-tech spirit of the area. It will tell the story of adjuvants enhancing agrochemicals at the crossroads of new trends in agricultural practices and more demanding consumer, environmental, and stakeholder requirements. Much of the novel work underlying this story has been conducted across continents by way of collaborations between researchers of adjuvant suppliers, agrochemical manufacturers, distributors, regulators, and academia.

Keynote addresses will include economist Paul Hodges (International eChem), environmental policy expert Glenda Humiston (University of California), agricultural commissioner Bob Roach (Monterey County, CA), and investor John Hamer (Monsanto Growth Ventures). Oral and breakout sessions will cover topics such as spray droplet drift and fate, formulation and adjuvant technology, biological performance, novel applications, adjuvants for biopesticides, regulatory challenges for adjuvants, precision ag and adjuvants, and the future of adjuvants.

Concurrent to our sessions will be a trade show, featuring many companies who supply and research these novel adjuvant technologies, research service firms, and other agrochemical trade organizations, and the sponsors that made ISAA 2016 possible, most especially its Diamond Partner, Clariant, and Gold Sponsors Akzo Nobel, BASF, Dow, Huntsman, Oxiteno, Solvay, and Stepan.

For more information on this exciting week-long symposium, please visit the ISAA 2016 website at, or email the organizer, Solito Sumulong, at
[email protected].