EU Groups Look to Ban Synthetic Pesticides by 2035

In one of the harshest attacks on traditional crop protection, several European activist groups are pushing for a total ban on synthetic pesticides by 2035.

In an article from, the anti-pesticide groups want synthetic pesticides phased out by 2035 over fears that biodiversity, crucial to food production, is under threat.


The European citizen’s initiative (ECI) launched on 25 November is looking to collect 1 million signatures by September 2020, which would require the European Commission and the European Parliament will have to address the issue, according to the EUObserver The initiative calls for an 80% reduction in the use of pesticides in Europe in 2030, starting with the most dangerous ones, and their total elimination in 2035.

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Avatar for Gerardo Giaccardi Gerardo Giaccardi says:

To avoid being hypocrite, the initiative should include not to import into EU crops and food stuff treated with synthetic crop protection products anywhere in the world. Otherwise initiative would be acknowledging synthetic crop protection product are necessary but EU is just not willing to deal with the safer application. Better strengthen more enviroment friendly manufacturing and safer application…

Avatar for duncan alluison duncan alluison says:

This ridiculous as most of these products were discovered in the EU and went through the rigid testing required to gain pesticide clearance. Are the many tests that have been carried out not sufficient to ensure the safe use of these extremely valuable products? What is the opinion of the scientific community in Germany, UK, France etc.? Do they agree that this is in the interest of both farmers and consumers?