Exosect Partners With Industry And Researchers to Control Beetle Pests in Pulse Crops

exosect-header-logoExosect, a provider of enabling technologies, is partnering with PGRO, Rothamsted Research, Oecos and BASF plc on a collaborative research program designed to combat beetle and weevil pests that damage pulse crops. The project is partially funded by Innovate UK and the BBSRC and the industry partners.

Launched recently by the PGRO, the focus of the project is to develop a Lure & Kill system using Exosect’s Entostat, an electrostatic micro-powder technology, to enable the targeted delivery of a range of active ingredients including beetle specific attractive odors (semio-chemicals), reduced quantities of currently registered insecticides and spores of entomopathogenic fungi, to the crop pests.


Read more about the project here.