U.S.: Xyler FC Fungicide Receives EPA Registration

Potato growers have a new way to combat pythium and phytophthora with Xyler FC. The U.S. EPA recently registered Xyler FC fungicide (metalaxyl) and it becomes the fifth product in Vive Crop Protection’s lineup, according to a company news release.

Xyler FC provides the flexibility to be applied in-furrow or foliar. According to David Pratt, Technical Sales Agronomist at Vive, “We expect most potato farmers will use it at plant because the in-furrow application is so simple and effective. Applying fungicides prior to infection provides the most effective disease management. In fact, metalaxyl/mefenoxam-based fungicides are considered the first line of defense against soilborne diseases and that can have a significant effect on yield and tuber quality.”


“Metalaxyl is a well-known and trusted chemistry and now with Xyler FC, farmers can use it in-furrow or foliar mixed with liquid fertilizer, with other chemistry or in all types of water sources. It contains Vive’s Allosperse “delivery system in a jug” which eliminates the need for extra equipment or expensive blending agents,” says Dan Bihlmeyer, VP Sales and Marketing at Vive Crop Protection.

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