AgriMetis Receives Second US Patent to Produce More Technologically Advanced, Safer Tool Against Weeds

AgriMetis, LLC has announced the issuance of a second US patent related to L-glufosinate (Glu-L), according to a release on This second patent is part of the Glu-L product family of broad-spectrum herbicides offering an improved alternative to the commercial racemic glufosinate currently offered in the agricultural market.

With issuance of this second patent, US10260078, AgriMetis plans to proceed with initiatives to produce and bring Glu-L to market. The new patent outlines novel compositions of matter comprising mixtures of L-glufosinate, D-glufosinate, and PPO. These mixtures are produced during the patent-protected enzymatic process to convert D-glufosinate from racemic glufosinate into L-glufosinate, the active isomer. During the enzymatic process, the first enzyme converts D-glufosinate to PPO. The second converts PPO to L-glufosinate.


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