BASF to Return Herbicide Aura to Brazilian Market

Following numerous requests from the rice production sector, BASF announced, during the XI Brazilian Congress of Irrigated Rice (CBAI) in Balneário Camboriú, that it will return the herbicide Aura (profoxydim) to the Brazilian market. The announcement was made by Vitor Bernardes, BASF’s Rice and Wheat Marketing manager. The herbicide was removed from the market a few years ago.

Aura is a systemic post-emergence selective herbicide that controls annual grasses and has a suppressive effect on perennials. It is also recommended for rice cultivation. After application to a leaf surface, the active ingredient is rapidly absorbed, resulting in a translocation process, with accumulations in meristematic regions where the product rapidly inhibits the ACCase enzyme, blocking the initial reaction of the lipid synthesis metabolic pathway. This results in a halt to weed growth. The drying of grass is completed within one to three weeks.