Certis to Launch New Herbicide for Grapes and Fruit Trees

Certis Europe and Nichino Europe have developed Piramax, a new herbicide for grapes and fruit trees that is also a potato desiccant.
Certis will launch the product this spring, as it builds its portfolio in the grapevine and fruit market.

Piramax is pyraflufen-ethyl, a 2.5% EC formulation for controlling grapevine shoots and fruit tree suckers, is from the phenylpirazole family and acts by inhibiting the enzyme PPO (Protoporphyrinogen oxidase) – essential in the biosynthesis of chlorophyll. It has low solubility and no volatility, thus making it non-residual in soil.


The results of the 2008-2010 trials as part of a joint development program with Sipcam successfully showed the efficacy of pyraflufen-ethyl in controlling grapevine shoots and fruit tree suckers, demonstrating both speed of action and duration.

“The data collected has shown better performance than the market standard, gluphosinate ammonium, and, in particular, rapid action and flexibility of application timing,” Certis said in a statement. “In addition, pyraflufen-ethyl has proved to have good efficacy against broad-leaved weeds present in vineyards and fruit orchards,” as well as a potato desiccant.

“Alongside other new products currently in development, pyraflufen-ethyl will play its part in strengthening the Certis portfolio in the grapevine and fruit market,” Certis said.

Source: Certis Europe