EU Approves Registration of Jingbo Agrochem’s Nicosulfuron TC

Nicosulfuron TC, manufactured by Jingbo Agrochem, received registration approval from the Ministry of Agriculture of Belgium on 24 September, 2019, the first step to gaining full European Union (EU) Independent Registration.

As the EU is one of the target business regions of Jingbo Agrochem, the approval means that Nicosulfuron TC can be sold freely in the EU market, raising the global brand profile of Jingbo Agrochem.


Jingbo Agrochem is the largest domestic manufacturer of Nicosulfuron and is increasing its production capacity and product supply. Nicosulfuron has been marketed both at home and abroad and has attracted high levels of sales, accounting for about 40% of the domestic market. It is currently registered in the United States (US), Brazil and 20 other countries and regions, and it is being registered in more countries.