Methomyl Left Off Annex I

However, the decision is not necessarily final. “Because we firmly believe that safe uses can unambiguously be demonstrated and therefore inclusion in Annex I be proposed when all available information is considered, DuPont has decided to re-apply for inclusion on methomyl in Annex 1,” the release went on to say. The corresponding dossier has been submitted to, and is being evaluated by, the UK (Plant Safety Directorate), which accepted to remain the Rapporteur Member State for methomyl.

Lannate, the DuPont product containing methomyl, is a broad spectrum, insecticide that has been registered on 165 crops to control more than 140 pest species in more than 70 countries. The preponderance of scientific evidence and over 30 years of practical agronomic experience suggests that Lannate can be used safely by the growers to manage pests “with minimal environmental impact and little or no food residue,” according to DuPont.


The company also stated that it “remains committed to ensuring that Lannate products will continue to be available in the important agricultural markets in Europe.”