Isagro and Rotam Enter License, Develpment, Distribution and Supply Agreement

Isagro S.p.A. and Rotam Agrochemical Company Ltd have entered into a long term license, development, distribution and supply agreement. Under the terms of the agreement Rotam will have:

  • the right and license to evaluate the possible exploitation of certain combination products (each made of one Isagro active ingredient and one Rotam active ingredient) in China, Taiwan and Indonesia;
  • the right to test for one year another Isagro product, in order to evaluate its possible exploitation in China.

Furthermore, Isagro has granted to Rotam a long-term distribution right for some Isagro products in the above mentioned countries, on an exclusive or non-exclusive basis, depending on the product. Rotam will exclusively purchase all of its requirements of Isagro products and active ingredients directly from Isagro.


Read more about the agreement here.