Rotam And Cibus Global Launch Non-transgenic SU Canola

rotamRotam and Cibus Global have announced the launch of non-transgenic SU Canola (Sulfonylurea Tolerant) in the United States. Rotam has developed two new effective weed control solutions specifically designed for use on SU Canola.

“SU Canola offers farmers a new alternative for weed control in canola that will provide sound stewardship options to deal with the management of glyphosate weed resistance,” said Dave Voss, vice president, Commercial Development at Cibus. “SU Canola is an optimal fit for rotation with glyphosate tolerant soybeans reducing weed pressure caused by volunteer glyphosate tolerant canola in soybean fields.”


This initiative combines years of Cibus’ laboratory research with Rotam’s manufacturing and production capabilities to bring two sulfonylurea herbicide products exclusively registered for SU Canola: Draft, designed for Midwest applications, and Cleat, registered for use in California.

SU Canola product is commercially available in the United States and the SU trait received approval from the Canadian Food Inspection Agency and Health Canada late last year opening the possibility to register SU hybrids and sell into the world’s largest canola market.