Overall Seed Supply Is Guaranteed in China

Experts and officials said that the supply of seed industry in China is secure during an online meeting, though there is still a big gap between China and developed countries, reports Global Times.

China should increase investment in seed industry development, and drive agricultural modernization through the seed industry’s pioneering modernization, according to experts,.


“Recently, people from all walks of life have been worried about whether China’s seed industry has been ‘stagnating.’ We judged that overall the supply is safeguarded and the risks are manageable,” Sun Haoqin, deputy director general of the seed management department of the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs, said in an online video.

Sun added that China can completely rely on its own supply for seeds of agricultural crops, especially grain seeds.

“China has made sure that grain mainly uses Chinese seeds. The provenances of pigs, cattle, sheep and other livestock and poultry and some aquatic products are guaranteed with Chinese supply. A small number of aquatic products and seeds of vegetables came from imports, however only parts can be substituted,” Sun noted.

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