Summit Agro Offers Growers New Fungicide

Summit Agro USA’s newly registered fungicide, KENJA 400 SC, gives California growers a new chemistry to protect against botrytis gray mold in strawberries and Sclerotinia drop in lettuce. 

“KENJA’s chemistry – the actual molecule – is different,” says Jim Sturges, Summit Agro Regional Manager. “A 4th generation SDHI fungicide, not only does KENJA provide exceptional in-season disease protection it’s unique chemistry helps to minimize SDHI resistance potential.”


The group 7 fungicide is also active on other key strawberry diseases, including powdery mildew and anthracnose.  

“Strawberry and lettuce growers face tough challenges – not just up to harvest, but all the way to market,” says Sturges. “Summit Agro is proud to provide a new product for these high value growers, so they can see higher quality and sales, while managing resistance and safety.”