Brazil: AgBiTech Launches Lepidopteran Biocontrol Options

Control of Lepidopteran pests is set to be revolutionized, following the world-first registration of a four-way broad-spectrum baculovirus product, Surtivo Plus, in Brazil. The breakthrough comes from global leader and innovator in biological pest control, AgBiTech Pty Ltd, a Paine Schwartz Partners, LLC portfolio company.

This historic new biocontrol product belongs to the new IRAC mode of action Group 31 (host-specific occluded pathogenic viruses), and contains a pre-mix of four nucleopolyhedroviruses (AcMNPV, ChinNPV, HearNPV and SfMNPV) for broad spectrum control of Lepidopteran pests. As the first such product in the market, AgBiTech CTO Paula Marçon says Surtivo Plus will be an efficacious new resistance management tool.


“In side-by-side comparison trials, Surtivo Plus performed similarly to chemical standards, and in pest management rotation programs the substitution of some chemical sprays with Surtivo Plus resulted in higher yields and/or lower costs,” she says.

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