Isagro to Distribute Taegro 2 Biofungicide in North America

Isagro USA, Inc. announced it signed an agreement to exclusively distribute Taegro 2 biofungicide in the United States and Canada. The BioAg Alliance is a long-term partnership between Monsanto Company and Novozymes.

Taegro 2 provides broad-spectrum protection of major soil-borne and foliar diseases in fruit and vegetable crops. Taegro 2 complements conventional fungicides and has a favorable profile for beneficial insects. Offering low application rates and a user-friendly formulation with flexible application methods, Taegro 2 provides a unique mode of action (FRAC 44) for optimal protection of fruit and vegetable crops. 


Taegro 2 contains the active ingredient Bacillus subtilis var. amyloliquefaciens strain FZB24, a naturally-occurring beneficial bacterium for control of soil and foliar diseases. 

“Taegro 2 fits strongly into the profile of our short and long-term marketing strategy of offering a diverse biosolutions portfolio in the USA and Canada,” said Mike Allan, President of Isagro USA. 

“Microbial products like Taegro 2 help farmers produce healthy crops in a sustainable way to meet the needs of a growing world population,” said Juan Ferreira, Global Vice President of Monsanto Company’s Vegetable Seeds, Seed Applied Solutions and Crop Protection business and a member of The BioAg Alliance Board of Directors. 

Other brands marketed by Isagro include the biofumigant, Dominus, the biorational fungicide, Bio-Tam 2.0 and Tenet, the fungicide/bactericide Kentan DF, the plant bio-activator/nutrient products Tamarack and Tamarack Nature.