Trade Summit Delivers Insights, Opportunities, and Partnerships

Trade Summit Delivers Insights, Opportunities, and Partnerships

The AgriBusiness Global Trade Summit provides manufacturers and distributors a chance to meet with peers to make deals.

Few industries can claim to have the importance or impact of agriculture. Without crop inputs, we simply could not feed the world.


It is our crop production technologies that are fundamental to reducing worldwide poverty, increasing national prosperity, and securing regional food production. To do that as an industry, we must provide access to efficient, effective, and affordable production technologies for retailers, farmers, and the communities they serve.

The AgriBusiness GlobalSM Trade Summit offers an opportunity for the manufacturers and distributors of crop inputs to come together to learn about the latest trends in the industry and the opportunity to meet with companies from around the world.

This event is an extension of our mission. AgriBusiness Global focuses on biocontrols, plant health, and specialty agchem through content and events. We are the leading resource for crop input product manufacturers, trading companies, exporters, importers, and regional and national distributors.

The Trade Summit, in particular, thrives on its ability to introduce a diversity of crop input manufacturers to in-country distributors and serves as a venue where ideas and relationships can progress to further the sustainability of agriculture businesses.

More than 800 delegates attend and have the opportunity to meet with more than 150 exhibitors and sponsors representing manufacturing companies from China, India, the United States, EU, and Southeast Asia. Exhibitors offer both technical-grade and formulated crop protection products, biopesticides, biostimulants, micronutrients, PGRs, and more.

The Trade Summit began in 2006 and has held events in Canada, Mexico, U.S., South Africa, Tanzania, Kenya, Ghana, Malaysia, Indonesia, and Istanbul. This year the event will be held at Harrah’s Resort in Atlantic City, New Jersey, from 30 July through 1 August.

Trade Summit immediately follows the AgriBusiness Global Biostimulant CommerceCon, an event focused on strategies for commercialization. Over the past several years biostimulants have been finding their way into the crop input industry. This program helps the various members of the supply chain figure out how to turn these products into profit. Bringing the two events together in one space gives traditional crop protection manufacturers and distributors the opportunity to meet with those focused on biostimulants.

Both programs also offer the opportunity to learn from industry leaders. Learn more about the sessions at Many of the sessions that will be featured at Trade Summit can be found on the conference website at You are also able to register for either or both events on the websites.