AgriBusiness Global Event Explores a Critical Region for Crop Inputs

The Agribusiness Global SE Asia Conference and Summit is set to take place on 8-9 November at the Pullman Jakarta Central Park Hotel in Jakarta, Indonesia. This event will bring together leaders in the crop protection industry, providing attendees with the opportunity to make valuable business connections and learn from experienced industry leaders. With over 400 attendees and 40 exhibitors, the conference promises to be a significant gathering in the agricultural sector.

Sudradjat Yusuf, Chairman of the Indonesian Crop Care Association, a supporting organization of the event, emphasizes the importance of preparing for the future disruptions in the agrochemical business. He believes that in the next five to 10 years, there will be significant changes in the agrochemical industry, including distribution systems, promotions, and the products themselves. These changes will be driven by global politics and climate change, with the aim of protecting countries’ food security systems.


Given the complexity and constant evolution of the agricultural market, it is crucial to hear from experts in the field to develop effective strategies for the future. The conference will feature esteemed members from the advisory board, including Paranee Adulyapichet, Head of Public Affairs, Science and Sustainability ASEAN for Bayer; Nandang Holil, Director for PT. Bio Agri Link; and Dr. Siang Hee Tan, Executive Director for CropLife Asia. These industry leaders will share their insights on major market trends, biologicals, regulations, and other regional updates.

The event will kick off with keynote speakers Garry Mabon and Fraser McDougall, Co-Founders of AgbioInvestor, who will provide an outlook on application trends for crop protection globally. They will also analyze how biological and agricultural technology will impact the global and local SE Asia crop protection markets. Additionally, David Li, Marketing Director of SPM Biosciences, will delve into China’s agrochemical industry, exploring the key factors driving and challenging the agrochemical supply within the country.

Other presenters, such as Dr. Piyatida “Tung” Pukclai, Asia-Pacific Regional Sales and Regulatory Policy Manager for Knoell, will focus on the region’s regulatory developments. Pukclai will provide insights on navigating the latest regulatory affairs effectively and ensuring compliance with international standards. She will also discuss trends and opportunities in the region, such as new formulations, biocontrol, and ag tech development.

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In addition to the informative presentations and panel discussions, the conference offers ample opportunities for peer networking and collaborative discussions. Attendees, including industry leaders, formulators, manufacturers, distributors, and researchers, can engage in meaningful conversations to address challenges and find solutions. These interactions will enable attendees to make valuable connections and expand their business opportunities.

The AgriBusiness Global SE Asia Conference and Summit is a global gathering that fosters growth, innovation, and collaboration in the agricultural industry. By attending this event, participants can connect with industry thought leaders, explore new business opportunities, and stay updated on market trends. To learn more about the conference, visit

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