CropLife Ghana Urges Government to Act Tough Against Fake Dealers

The prevalence of fake agrochemicals on the market is a source of worry to stakeholders in the agriculture sector, according to an article on

“Not only does it have the potential to destroy our soils, it is also a huge loss of revenue to both government and agrochemical companies,” says Frederick B. Boampong, Programs Manager of CropLife Ghana, an association of agrochemical importers and distributors in Ghana.


Especially, during the farming season a lot of people fake agrochemicals (pesticides and fertilizers) for the hardworking farmers to patronize. Since it is fake, it affects the yield and eventually makes farmers poorer.

This is a very bad incentive for the growth of the nation.

As a result, Ghana is losing a lot of revenue. Farmers are also losing revenue in terms of yield and also income for their upkeep.

In an interview with, Frederick Boampong lamented that, genuine tax paying agrochemical companies are losing out because they bring in the genuine products only for others to fake them and sell to unsuspecting farmers.

Government must act tough to address the situation.