India: Enabling Modern Agriculture Through IoT

Since the first green revolution in the 1960s that radically transformed the face of Indian agriculture, the sector has consistently been a major contributor to India’s GDP, writes Vijay Kumar on Recently at Davos, it was estimated that the Indian economy will reach $5 trillion by 2022 where agriculture would contribute to $1 trillion of the GDP alone.

To achieve this growth, modern agriculture in India is undergoing a fresh wave of revival by adopting technologically sophisticated manufacturing processes that will lead to better crop yields. Our current farming practices have truly entered the automated digital age led by the Internet of Things (IoT). Digital technology has become a powerful ally in aiding farmers’ decision-making, productivity and competitiveness.


Smart farming in India is poised to leverage the power of IoT to derive benefits on various fronts. Ground-breaking technologies such as IoT, AI and Blockchain are being integrated to traditional farming processes. Several longstanding problems such as poor quality of yield, improper management of resources and adverse effects of climatic changes on farming are being effectively addressed through the utilization of such technologies. This simply means that the next generation of farmers would have access to valuable data-driven intelligence on selection and harvesting of crops, live tracking of weather conditions, predicting pricing trends, and a host of other unique benefits by leveraging these technologies.