ECPA Residue Management Project Ready For Next Step

European Crop Protection AssociationThe European Crop Protection Association’s Residues Management Project is a joint initiative of the crop protection industry and the Cajamar Caja rural research station “Las Palmerillas”, situated in Almería, the heart of Spanish greenhouse production.

The lessons learned in Almeria about residues management are shared in a cross-country collaboration with other regions. This project has developed a ‘train-the trainer’ program with a manual of best practices particularly for on greenhouse-grown peppers and tomatoes. The first region that will benefit from this knowledge transfer is Antalya, Turkey – a home for fresh produce often imported into the EU.


This knowledge exchange is key to addressing and managing residues, and is a priority for the crop protection industry. Food safety is not an area of competition – it is an area of cooperation. That is why sharing such practices knows no borders.

Read more about the program here.