Bayer Digital Farming Product Now Available for European Farmers


Digital solutions such as the xarvio Field Manager help growers to run their farms as efficient as possible. That cut costs and benefits the environment.

Bayer has launched its xarvio Field Manager in five countries – Germany, France, Austria, Poland, and Ukraine. The new digital solution is for now available in field crops such as wheat, barley, potato, sugar beet and oilseed rape. Further expansion to other crops and countries is expected in the coming months.


Field Manager will support European farmers in growing healthy crops by providing recommendations about the right dosage, timing and place of crop protection applicaton. It will for example help farmers manage some of the most damaging diseases in cereals such as Septoria Tritici and rust, which cause high management costs and can lead to severe yield losses if not monitored and detected early enough.

In the past months, more than 500 farmers around the world tested Field Manager and the results are very convincing: Through a more targeted application with variable rate application maps and an optimized crop protection strategy, farmers were able to manage pests and diseases more efficiently, resulting in up to 15 EUR per hectare higher return on investment. Also, one of the challenges with many precision farming technologies is complexity. Field Manager delivers a simple interface and is designed to integrate with precision agriculture equipment already available in cabs.

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