ICL Fertilizer Launches PolySulphate Fertilizer in Brazil

ICL Fertilizers, a division of global specialty minerals manufacturer ICL has launched PolySulphate, its new fertilizer in Brazil.

The environmentally friendly fertilizer is derived from the mineral Polyhalite, which contains four nutrients – potassium (K), calcium (Ca), magnesium (Mg) and sulphur (S), and is approved for organic agriculture and suitable for chloride sensitive crops.


“In Brazil, agronomic research on PolySulphate conducted by Dr. Fabio Vale  from Adubai Consultoria has underlined the new fertilizer’s application flexibility (banding or broadcasting) and its supply of four essential nutrients,” according to the company. “Controlled experiments using PolySulphate on soybean, rice and corn demonstrate the effective uptake of nutrients from its use. In addition, the fertilizer provides blending options, for example, together with TSP and MAP for use on soybean crops. PolySulphate also meets the high S required by cotton, the high K supplement required for coffee crops, and it also effectively provides the Mg and Ca needed to improve the quality of citrus and tomato crops.”

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