India Aims to Deliver Groundbreaking Agricultural Blockchain

It’s become a joke in some circles. Just cash in by inventing a blockchain for something. A blockchain for dentists? How about a blockchain for music? How about a blockchain for the land itself?

The Indian government is reportedly laying the groundwork for an agricultural blockchain system as part of a larger effort to create the wider national blockchain system, dubbed IndiaChain, as reported in FactorDaily. It might be a smart, well-reasoned and very effective solution to several issues which have been largely unsolvable until now.


India’s comprehensive national agricultural blockchain plans might solve some of these immediate problems, and also become a system that everyone else can learn from.

In particular, it’s a unique approach from a country where large scale industrial farming is relatively uncommon. While other countries are driving towards autonomous smart farms, India’s laying plans for a much wider national blockchain system that even manages to integrate the land itself.