Indian IoT Platform for Pre and Post Harvest Raises Seed Round

Indian startup AgNext has raised an undisclosed seed round led by India-focused Agtech VC Omnivore Partners along with Singaporean angel investor Samir Kumar, writes Emma Cosgrove on

Before harvest, AgNext provides a varied suite of precision agriculture tools including advanced crop modeling using remote sensing data combined with on-field IoT sensors, yield monitoring, nutrient status, pest and disease prediction, moisture and irrigation data among other parameters. These functions are provided through a mobile app.


“Our technology enables highly efficient and timely control of inputs like water, fertilizer, and pesticides, so as to maximize yield and minimize losses. Lack of information on soil nutrients can lead to wasteful and hazardous use of the wrong fertilizers leading to adverse impact on crop,” AgNext CEO Taranjeet Bhamra told AgFunderNews.

The Chandigarh-based startup also provides hyperspectral handheld devices to measure nutrient content, leaf moisture, and active ingredient content, which Omnivore Ventures principal Subhadeep Sanyal said allows for real-time monitoring and traceability tracking.

“Both data streams enable growers to better manage their resources and build profitability in their business,” said Sanyal.