Insecticides India Ltd.: ‘Agrochemicals Are Safe’ Battling Pests

Agrochemicals have played a crucial role in altering India’s food-scant status to a food-surplus nation, reports Rural Marketing. However, the role of agrochemicals has been under suspicion for long due to alleged harm it causes to both human and the environment. Insecticides India Ltd. (IIL), a leading agrochemical company of the country, advocates the right use of agrochemicals by the farmers and has been promoting know-how for the right kind and quantity of agrochemicals for each crop all across the country.

“After attaining independence, India has imported a large amount of the foodgrain but since the 1960s, India became self-sustained and has also become an exporter. This dramatic change in production of essential foodgrains was facilitated by latest agro inputs like fertilisers, agrochemicals and a host of other technological interventions,” said Rajesh Aggarwal, Managing Director, Insecticides India. “Agrochemicals are safe. According to news published recently, the World Health Organization (WHO) has finally salvaged agrochemicals by acknowledging that insecticides are not among the various causes of cancer.”


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